Sunday, March 27, 2011


For 2 weeks I have been stuck at 30 pounds lost {not that i'm complaing because 30 is great} but that was soooo aggravating!! Especially when you are doing the same thing you had been doing {eating right & exercising} but I can now proudly say the 30 pound rut is UN-STUCK!!! I am now at 32 pounds down, whooohooo!

I am assuming that starting bootcamp {hard work by the way} this week helped. They say sometimes you just need to mix up what you are doing. So yay for that ;)

Sooo friends...what are you doing to MIX UP your life? To get UN-STUCK?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Success Feels Soooo Good

5.6 pounds down, 5 days in a row of working out 45 miuntes or more & 5 days of being vegan.

& it feels sooo good :)

the plan was just to try it out this month but then i started it all & it just came natural. so i am sticking with it. if i slip up or stop for some reason before i get to the months i had planned on doing it (not eating red meat, dairy, etc) then i will use those months to be sure i get back on plan!

however, i am feeling so good i don't see anything stopping me ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a year of resolutions

I have decided to have 12 resolutions this year. One for each month. I will focus on one at a time & then move to the next month. Hopefully carrying what I've learned the previous month with me. So here here's the plan:

Month One- January: Be More Active.

This month I will work on getting up & doing more. That means following the exercise plan that Texas & I have planned but it also means just getting up period. No more sitting on the couch all day doing nothing. No more staying in my PJs all day & not fixing my hair or anything. I will get out of the house more, even if it is just Sweetpea & myself. I will keep busy.Being a SAHM has made me lazy & I want to change that. Being more active will help me feel better physically & mentally.

Month Two- February: No Red Meat.

I can admit I have no self control. It has always been a problem for me. When I try to change it all at once it just stresses me out & I stop a week or so into it. I also suck at finishing what I start but that stops now. By changing one thing at a time, for short periods of time, I am hoping to break the cycle. So this month starts my food battle- not only for weight reason but for health reasons. So month two is no red meat. Not only is this healthier for me short term with my gallbladder/ibs/acid reflux issues but it is also healthier in the long run.

Month Three- March: No Dairy.

This month is a follow up to last month- no dairy. Same reasoning behind it. I almost ALWAYS get sick after eating dairy products, so there is no reason to keep putting myself through it. This month I will cut out my dairy intake & replace it with vegan options. Not only will this help my stomach issues but hopefully it will take off some of this weight I have gained back over the last two years. At the end of the month if I can tell a major change I will stick to it. If not, I will go half & half.

Month Four- April: No Sugar & More Water.

This month is also a follow up to the last two months- no sugar & more water. This month will be easier in some ways & harder in others. I don't eat a lot of sweets but I do love sweet tea. Luckily, there is an alternative option- splenda! I will start carrying splenda packets, water flavor packets & a water bottle with me when I go anywhere & everywhere. I don't drink enough period so I will increase my fluids by drinking more water.

Month Five- May: More Playtime with Sweetpea.

This month I will spend more time playing with Sweetpea. Even though she loves playing alone I will stop what I am doing multiple times through out the day & give her my undivided attention. Whether it be building forts, reading books, putting together puzzles, going to the park, going to monkey joe's, or playing with babies- it will be all about her & nothing else. No phone, no computer, no tv. Just the two of us & our imaginations.

Month Six- June: Money Management.

Learning to be smarter with money is this months resolution. Money management has always been a weakness of mine. So this month I will work on saving money & not touching it, not spending money for emotional reasons, couponing to spend less, & eating at home to save money. Since I will be more active by this point I won't be using eating out & spending as a way to "have fun". I will work out a realistic budget for us & stick to it.

Month Seven- July: Organizing & De-cluttering the House.

As we reach the end of this deployment, it will be a perfect time to de-clutter & organize the house before Tattooed Daddy comes home. I hope to work on it in my free time (part of the getting more active resolution) before this month but this month will be the goal line to have it all done. The main room that needs to be done is the junk room. With the money we will be saving on eating less meat/dairy/sugar & going out less I hope to buy tupperware to store what needs to stay in & then sale the rest of the stuff on CL or in a yard sale. Then when that is all done I want to turn this room into a "man cave" for Tattooed Daddy :)

Month Eight- August: All About Tattooed Daddy.

The focus for this month is my love, my best friend, my better half. This month will be working on showing him how much I love him & reminding myself why I do. This will be his first month home from deployment & I want to be sure he sees how different things are going to be now. We were doing great as a couple before he left & I want to keep that up & do even better by making some changes. I am not a very affectionate person & I want to work on that...he needs it & I want to give that to him.

Month Nine- September: All About Me.

This month will be all about me. I will find ways to appreciate & see my worth all month. I will learn to make time for me, no matter what. Me time is so important & I have let that go for a while- which got me where I am now. I will no longer just let days go by without paying attention. I will look in the mirror & see the things I am doing to my body & my mind on a daily basis. I will not only focus on my good points but my flaws as well & work on them. This year is a year of change for me. I keep wanting to see all these changes happen & doing nothing to get there. That is not going to happen anymore. This month I will remind myself of that. I will focus on me & refresh my goals & why I set them. You can't expect changes if you keep doing the same ol' thing.

Month Ten- October: Learn Something New.

The next resolution is to learn something new. Whether it be to learn more about my camera, my graphic tablet, my computer, painting, to play an instrument, yoga, palliates or all of the above. Either way I need to get out there & educate myself in something I have always wanted to do but never took the time. Time is all I have since I stay there is no excuse. Just do it!!

Month Eleven- November: Forgive Myself.

Forgiveness can be so hard but this month is all about forgiving. Not others but myself. Each day I am to write down one thing I forgive myself for & then shred it, burn it, or throw it away. Then let it go. It's that simple. Don't take it into this new year.

Month Twelve- December: Reflect.

This month is all about reflection. Take time to reflect on all the changes I have made & all I have been blessed with this year. That doesn't mean just think about it. It means write about, talk about it, etc. It means to tell the people in my life who helped me make these changes or blessed me this year thank you. Either call them, write them, tell them to their face....something & more then just the words thank you. Explain myself. This change should last longer then just this should last forever. I need to say thank you more often to the people in my life & to God for them & His blessings!